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Data Conversion is not a simple thing, conversion of one data format into another without any data loss. Data conversion can be simple or complex based on the environment and data formats involved. Mebronics Professional Solution, Data Conversion company, we providing data conversion services to convert large volumes of data into easily accessible format.

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image to text

Image to Text

Image Conversion

OCR to word / PDF

Image Conversion


EBook Conversion

We can turn PDFs, application files and printed books into epub2, epub3 and fixed-layout formats for iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Nook and Kobo. Our team of experts has also worked on animated, read-aloud and other enhanced ebooks. You name it, we can convert it.

  • ePUB is the only format that is compatible with the highest number of software and hardware reading devices.
  • ePUB conversion allows effortless creation of ePUB files for multiple distribution channels thereby reducing overall publication costs.
  • ePUB enables trouble-free conversion to other formats, for example, .MOBI and .RTF.
  • ePUB books enable easy selling through various networks and channels.
  • ePUB has proven to be cost-effective for both publishers and readers.
  • ePUB allows the books to fit the size of the screen that it is viewed on, making it easier for readers to read an eBook on both smaller as well as larger screens such as tablets, iPad, or a cell phone.
Image Conversion

Image Conversion

Image Conversion

As everyone knows, the data plays a vital role in an organization while taking crucial decisions and making future investment plans. If you have data available in paper or scanned image format then you cannot use it adequately that means it is just JUNK for you or even a burden because you will have to manage it constantly spending a lot of time and money. But by digitizing paper documents or converting images into text file format, you can use same data effectively at time of making imperative business decisions.

  • Image to Word conversion.
  • Image to RTF conversion.
  • Image to TXT conversion.
  • Image to Searchable PDF conversion.
  • Image to Excel conversion.
  • Image to XML conversion.
  • Image to HTML/XHTML conversion.
  • Data entry for hand return images to Excel, Word and PDF.

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